Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Creating the web app in Kendo UI Designer : Viewing the metadata

Viewing the metadata

The UI definition of the web app is stored as metadata. The metadata with the web app UI framework and component templates generates the web app.
1. Navigate to the C:\OpenEdge\WRK\OrderEntryWebApp\meta directory.
2. Open the modules folder. You see a file for each module, Application.json and OrderEntry.json. Close the modules folder.
3. Open the OrderEntry.json file. Notice that the children array has one child with a customer-list name, a Customer List label, and a data-grid viewType. Other properties within the child specify other property settings for the data-grid view, such as the settings for the dataProvider and dataSource properties.
4. Under the meta directory again, open the dataProviders directory.
5. Open the CustomerBE.json file for the data provider we created. Notice that the catalogUris, serviceUri, and the children array property that specifies the data sources for the CustomerBE data provider are displayed.