Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Publishing the Data Object Service

Publishing the Data Object Service

The Data Object Service, OrderEntryService, uses the annotated Business Entity to implement the business logic. We now publish the service.
1. Click the Servers tab in the bottom pane of the OpenEdge Server view. The oepas1 node is in the [Stopped] state.
2. Double-click the oepas1 node. The Overview view appears in a new tab.
3. Click the Open launch configuration link. The Edit launch configuration properties page opens.
4. Click the Databases tab.
5. Select the Show all option button to display the sports2000 database that we connected to.
6. Select sports2000 from the list.
7. Click Apply and then click OK.
8. Select the oepas1 node in the Servers view and start the server by selecting the Start icon.
The status is updated to Starting oepas1… in the bottom right corner of the page. When the server is ready. the state changes to [Started, Synchronized].
9. To add OrderEntryService to the oepas1 instance, right-click the oepas1 node and click Add and Remove…. The Add and Remove dialog box appears.
10. Click Add All to add all the services to the oepas1 instance.
11. Click Finish.
The service is added and published to the server. Expand the oepas1 node to see the services. The status of the services appear as [Synchronized][Published].
* Accessing the catalog details