Overview : Prerequisites


Here are the prerequisites for creating a sample web app:
*OpenEdge 11.6.3 (64-bit) or later and Kendo UI Builder 2.0 must be installed on your machine.
Note: If you do not have OpenEdge and Kendo UI Builder on the same machine, you have to copy the web app folder into the associated Web UI project location. For more information on working with a Web UI project with OpenEdge Service Pack 11.6.3, see OpenEdge Service Pack 11.6.3: New Information, and with later OpenEdge releases, see the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge online help.
*A copy of sports2000 database in C:\OpenEdge\WRK\db with name sports2000 must be created.
*AdminServer must be started. To start the AdminServer:
*Enter PROADSV -start in the Proenv command line, or
*Select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and then set the AdminService for OpenEdge to Started.
*In Developer Studio, an OpenEdge Explorer connection must be set up and the Servers view must show the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OpenEdge) instance, oepas1. For more information, see the Developer Studio online help.