Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Launching the web app

Launching the web app

You can launch the web app from the Developer Studio to test it.
1. In the Servers view, expand the oepas1 node.
2. Right-click OrderEntryWebApp and click Launch App. The http://localhost:8810/OrderEntryWebApp/#/home URL opens and launches the app in your default browser.
3. Click the OrderEntry module. It lists the customer details with the selected fields.
Observe that Row 1 and Row 5 are highlighted in light-green color and onInit, onShow, and Event:kendoWidgetCreated messages are displayed in the Console tab.
Select any row with state MA, observe that the color for all the rows with state MA is changed to light-blue color. This is because we customized the controller.public.js and router-events.js files in the previous section.