Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Editing the Data Object Service

Editing the Data Object Service

We created a Data Object Service, OrderEntryService, while creating the ABL Web App project. This service appears in the Defined Services node of the project in the Project Explorer. Now we edit the service to use the annotated Business Entity that we created.
1. Right-click the OrderEntryService service in the Project Explorer > OrderEntry > Defined Services and click Edit. The Edit an ABL Service page opens.
2. Click Next. The Create a Data Object service page opens.
3. Select the CustomerBE.cls resource.
4. Click Finish.
The .json file that contains metadata describing the schema and operations of the CustomerBE class is generated.
The service.json file is generated for a REST-based Data Object Service and service.json and service.gen files are generated for a WebHandler-based Data Object Service. Since we created a REST-based Data Object Service, the .json file and customer data is generated.
The URL in the service.json file for a WebHandler-based service is web/pdo/serviceURI, and for a REST-based service is rest/serviceURI.