Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Creating a Web UI project

Creating a Web UI project

We now create a Web UI project to customize the code for the web app and also deploy it on PAS for OpenEdge.
1. Launch Developer Studio
2. Select File > New > OpenEdge project from the main menu bar. The New OpenEdge Project wizard opens and displays the Create an OpenEdge Project page.
3. In the Project name field, enter OrderEntryWebApp.
4. Clear the Use default check box and enter C:\OpenEdge\WRK\OrderEntryWebApp as the path.
5. From the Project type configuration drop-down list, select Web UI and click Next. The Provide Web UI deploy details page opens.
6. Retain OrderEntryWebApp in the WebApp name field.
7. Select the oepas1 check box in Supported servers. This server is the destination for your published web app and Web UI module.
8. Click Finish.
* Customizing the Web UI project