Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Creating the web app in Kendo UI Designer : Creating a view

Creating a view

A view provides the UI for a specific function or feature within a module. We now create a view for the OrderEntry module.
1. Open OrderEntryWebApp.
2. Click Edit next to the OrderEntry module. The view design page opens.
3. Click Add View. The Add View dialog box appears.
4. In the Name field, enter customer-list, which is used to form the name of a folder that stores files for the view.
5. In the Label field, enter Customer List, which identifies the view in the web app at run time.
6. Select the Data Grid view option.
7. Click Add View. The Data Grid view is created and the view design page for the view is displayed with a simulated rendering of the view and a VIEW PROPERTIES pane to the right.
8. In the VIEW PROPERTIES pane, do the following:
a. Enter Customer List in the Grid Title field.
b. Select CustomerBE in the Data Provider field.
c. Select CustomerBE in the Data Source field.
9. Select the Enable Sorting check box.
10. Click Save in the toolbar above the view simulation. The view instance metadata is saved with the settings you have specified.