Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Creating a new project

Creating a new project

Now we create a new ABL Web App project, OrderEntry, that contains the Data Object Service, OrderEntryService.
To create the project:
1. Launch Developer Studio.
2. Select File > New > OpenEdge Project. The Create an OpenEdge Project page opens.
3. In the Project name field, enter OrderEntry.
4. Clear the Use default check box and enter C:\OpenEdge\WRK\OrderEntry as the path.
5. Select ABL Web App from the Project type configuration drop-down list.
6. Click Next. The Provide ABL Web App deploy details page opens.
7. Retain the default settings; the Deploy as WebApp option button must be selected, OrderEntry must be the Business Logic Module name field and AppServer must be the ABL Source folder field.
8. Clear any selection in the Server name.
Note: We will publish the ABL Web App project and the Data Object Service manually after we create them.
9. Click Next. The Create an ABL Service page opens.
10. Create an ABL Service of Data Object type.
11. Click Next. The Select AVM and layout options page appears.
12. Clear the Use TTY for runtime check box and select the Use project-specific AVM option button.
13. Click Next. The Define PROPATH page appears.
14. Click Next. The Select Database Connections page appears.
15. Click the Configure database connections link on the top right. The Database Connections dialog box appears.
16. Configure a database connection for this project.
17. Select the Database Connections tab and select the sports2000 check box.
The Project Explorer displays the new project, OrderEntry, and the ABL Service, OrderEntryService, under the Defined Services node. The AppServer directory is also created where we will add our ABL code. Notice that the ABL Console view displays messages that the AVM and the database server are started.
Note: The ABL Web App project can be deployed on PAS for OpenEdge only so we wll deploy the sample web app on PAS for OpenEdge. You can create a Data Object Service with Data Object project and then deploy on classic servers (OE Web Server).
* Creating an ABL Service of Data Object type
* Configuring a database connection