Creating a sample web app using Kendo UI Builder by Progress : Creating the web app in Kendo UI Designer : Creating a module

Creating a module

A module is the basic unit of a web app. Each module contains one or more views that provide the functionality for a common set of features.
The module, Application, is added by default. It contains application-level pages, including the landing page and authentication page.
We now create a module, with the name, OrderEntry, and with the run-time label, Order Entry. The module name is used to form the name of a folder that stores folders and files for views created in the module, and the module label is used to identify the module in the app landing page at run time.
1. Open OrderEntryWebApp.
2. Click Add Module. The Add Module dialog box appears.
3. In the Name field, enter OrderEntry.
4. In the Label field, enter Order Entry. Spaces are allowed in the Label field.
5. Change the icon and color by clicking the down arrow on the Icon/Color image to identify the module on the web app design page (and also on the app landing page at run time). Select an icon, an icon color, and the background color.
6. Click Add Module. The OrderEntry module is added to the Modules list.