Kendo UI Designer Overview : App generation and deployment

App generation and deployment

When you publish an app in the Kendo UI Designer, the Kendo UI Generator generates deployable HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript files for the app in the following folder:
Where webAppDir is the pathname of the root directory of your web app (see also Extension Points and Source Code Customization).
When you are ready to deploy the app to a test or production environment, or possibly to reconfigure existing environments, the values specified for the Service URI and Catalog URI used to define data providers for your app might need to change. You can do this without having to rebuild the app by modifying the following JSON file in your debug and/or release build and changing the corresponding URIs for each data provider as required:
Caution: Be sure to make a backup copy of this file before making any changes to it.
If you have OpenEdge installed, you can then also use a Web UI project in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge that you have created with the same name as your web app to deploy the web app to other development or production instances of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge, or to export the web app to other Tomcat-based web servers. Note that this Web UI project must share the same build-output folder as your web app.
Alternatively, you can use other deployment tools to deploy the web app to a different type of web server, as its configuration and administration requirements prescribe.