Creating an app : Adding and editing views : Unauthorized-page view

Unauthorized-page view

To edit the built-in unauthorized-page view:
1. From the app design page, click the Application module card, which automatically opens the view design page for the first view in the VIEWS list. If another view is first in the list, select unauthorized-page from the list of views to open the unauthorized-page view design page.
2. You can edit the following properties of the unauthorized-page view:
*Title: Text that appears as a heading on the page (default: forbidden).
*Custom HTML: Descriptive text, including HTML tags, that appears under the Title text (default: <p><strong>We could not access the information you requested.</strong> <br> Use the navigation or go to the <a ui-sref="default.module.application.home">Homepage</a>.</p>).
Clicking Edit on this property opens the Monaco editor for you to edit or replace the existing contents with updated lines of HTML code.
*Hide Status Code: A check box that you can clear to display the HTTP unauthorized status code (403) between the Title and Custom HTML text (default: selected to hide the status code).
This view also includes the following custom HTML sections where you can include your own HTML for the view in addition to the Custom HTML text. Each section is identified in the view design page with a placeholder containing descriptive text:
*Custom top html section:: Located in the area above the Title text, the text in this placeholder introduces the path name of the topSection.html file where you can add your custom HTML.
*Custom bottom html section:: Located in the area below the Custom HTML text, the text in this placeholder introduces the path name of the bottomSection.html file where you can add your custom HTML.
The Designer automatically generates these files for you in application-folder\app\src\modules\Application\unauthorized-page. Add your custom HTML code to these files as required. The Edit option on each custom HTML section allows you to edit the corresponding file from within the Designer using the Monaco editor.