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Editing chart series
From the Chart Series dialog, you can define a value (item) to plot for a given series:
*Items :
*+ Add Item: Adds an item for a series. Selecting an item displays Properties that you can set for the item, depending on the chart type (Area, Bar, Donut, Line, or Pie).
*Item Field (All Charts): A data source field whose value the chart will plot. For example, a Balance field in a Customer data source.
*Line (Area Charts):
*Style (Area and Line Charts): The style of the line used to plot this item series:
step: Plotted with a squared line between item points, like a square wave.
smooth: Plotted with a smooth curve between item points, like a sine wave.
normal: Plotted with a straight line between item points (the default).
*Item Name (Area, Bar, and Line Charts): A string that you specify to identify the legend for the selected item value.
*Item Category Field (Donut and Pie Charts): The name of a data source field that identifies a category for the value identified by Item Field. For example, a Country field in a Customer data source that identifies a national category for Balance values.
For Area, Bar, and Line Charts, you specify this field as part of the Category axis configuration.
*Start Angle (Donut and Pie Charts): Affects the relative position of item plots around the Donut or Pie Chart.