Progress Education Community subscription instructions

Complete the following to enroll in the Progress Education Community (PEC) and purchase an enrollment to the OpenEdge 11 Administrator or OpenEdge 11 Developer learning paths via a credit card:

  1. You must have a Progress ID in order to purchase OpenEdge 11 Administrator or OpenEdge 11 Developer training on the PEC. If you do not have a Progress ID, you can register here.
    Note: you must activate your Progress ID prior to logging into the Progress Education Community.
  2. Visit the Progress Education Community.
  3. Log in with your Progress ID.
  4. Select the OpenEdge 11 Administrator or OpenEdge 11 Developer button in the News article.
    The OpenEdge 11 Administrator learning path costs $900/USD/user/year
    The OpenEdge 11 Developer learning path costs $1500/USD/user/year
  5. From the PEC eCommerce page, select the learning path you would like to purchase.
  6. Add the learning path to your cart and pay for it via PayPal.
    Note: Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email associated with your Progress ID on the Course Checkout page.
  7. Click Continue on the Confirm Payment screen. You will be emailed a receipt of your purchase.
  8. When you are notified that the transaction is done, click the PEC logo in the top left corner of the page to return to your Dashboard.

You now have access to the learning path that you purchased.

Please contact the Progress Education Team at if you have any questions about enrolling in the Progress Education Community.