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Contacting Technical Support

Progress DataDirect offers a variety of options to meet your support needs. Please visit our Web site for more details and for contact information:
The Progress DataDirect Web site provides the latest support information through our global service network. The SupportLink program provides access to support contact details, tools, patches, and valuable information, including a list of FAQs for each product. In addition, you can search our Knowledgebase for technical bulletins and other information.
When you contact us for assistance, please provide the following information:
*Your number or the serial number that corresponds to the product for which you are seeking support, or a case number if you have been provided one for your issue. If you do not have a SupportLink contract, the SupportLink representative assisting you will connect you with our Sales team.
*Your name, phone number, email address, and organization. For a first-time call, you may be asked for full information, including location.
*The Progress DataDirect product and the version that you are using.
*The type and version of the operating system where you have installed your product.
*Any database, database version, third-party software, or other environment information required to understand the problem.
*A brief description of the problem, including, but not limited to, any error messages you have received, what steps you followed prior to the initial occurrence of the problem, any trace logs capturing the issue, and so on. Depending on the complexity of the problem, you may be asked to submit an example or reproducible application so that the issue can be re-created.
*A description of what you have attempted to resolve the issue. If you have researched your issue on Web search engines, our Knowledgebase, or have tested additional configurations, applications, or other vendor products, you will want to carefully note everything you have already attempted.
*A simple assessment of how the severity of the issue is impacting your organization.