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Quick Start: Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector for ODBC on Windows : Before You Start

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Before You Start

Before you get started, you need the following:
*Appropriate user permissions to modify your environment and to read, write, and execute various files in the DataDirect for ODBC installation directory.
*Connection information:
*Authentication Method: The method your endpoints use to authenticate users. The Autonomous REST Connector supports basic, token based (HTTP Header and URL based), and no authentication.
*User Name and Password: If required by your authentication method, the user ID and password used to access your data source.
*URL Parameter: For URL-based authentication, the name of the URL parameter used to pass the security token.
*HTTP Header Name: For basic and HTTP header authentication methods, the name of your HTTP header used for authentication, if it differs from the default value of Authorization.
*HTTP Endpoints: A list of the HTTP endpoints that you want to map to the relational view. Note that additional endpoints can be added during later sessions.
*(Optional) Location to store internal driver files: The path you want the driver to use to generate and store internal configuration files. This location is not used when the driver uses memory to store mapping information for the session (the default). When configured to generate internal files by setting the CreateMap option to either 1 - ForceNew or 2 - NotExist, the driver will attempt to use the following directory by default:
*For licensed installations, you will also need the following information that was provided by Progress DataDirect:
*Control Number (IPE Key)
*Serial Number