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About the Oracle Wire Protocol Driver : Data Types : XMLType

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The driver supports tables containing columns whose data type is specified as XMLType, except those with object relational storage.
In the default configuration, the driver supports the XMLType with CLOB storage; however, beginning with Oracle, Oracle changed the default storage type from CLOB to Binary. To support the XMLType with binary storage on Oracle 12c or later, enable the Support Binary XML connection option (SupportBinaryXML=1).
As a result of the new default storage type, columns created simply as “XMLType” are not supported by the driver for database versions later than, but earlier than 12c. An attempt to obtain the value of such a column through the driver results in an error being returned. To avoid this error, change the XML storage type to CLOB or use the TO_CLOB Oracle function to cast the column.
When inserting or updating XMLType columns, the data to be inserted or updated must be in the form of an XMLType data type. The database provides functions to construct XMLType data. The xmlData argument to xmltype( ) may be specified as a string literal.
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