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Welcome to the Progress DataDirect for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver: Version 8.0.2

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Welcome to the Progress DataDirect for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver: Version 8.0.2

This is your user’s guide and reference for the Progress® DataDirect® for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver.
The content of this book assumes that you are familiar with your operating system and its commands. It contains the following information:
*Getting Started explains the basics for quickly configuring and testing the drivers.
*What Is ODBC? provides an explanation of ODBC.
*About the Oracle Wire Protocol Driver explains the driver, supported environments and driver requirements.
*Supported Features explains features supported by the driver.
*Using the Driver guides you through configuring the driver. It also explains how to use the functionality supported by the driver such as Authentication and SSL encryption.
*Troubleshooting explains the tools to solve common problems and documents error messages.
*The Connection Option Descriptions section contains detailed descriptions of the connection options supported by the driver.
*The Reference section includes reference information about APIs, code page values, and performance tuning.
If you are writing programs to access ODBC drivers, you need to obtain a copy of the ODBC Programmer’s Reference for the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity Software Development Kit, available from Microsoft Corporation.
For the latest information about your driver, refer to the readme file in your software package.
Note: This book refers the reader to Web pages using URLs for more information about specific topics, including Web URLs not maintained by Progress DataDirect. Because it is the nature of Web content to change frequently, Progress DataDirect can guarantee only that the URLs referenced in this book were correct at the time of publication.
* What's New in this Release?
* Conventions Used in This Guide
* About the Product Documentation
* Contacting Technical Support