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Using the Driver : Using LDAP

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Using LDAP

This information pertains to Windows This information pertains to UNIX/Linux
Supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux only.
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a directory information service that allows you to centrally store information and share it across an IP network. In an LDAP service, information is stored in objects called entries, which can contain a variety of data—including connection information. LDAP entries are often used to store connection information because data storage is centralized, thereby simplifying maintenance when changes occur. The driver supports retrieving basic connection information from an LDAP entry, including:
*Oracle server name and portOracle System Identifier (SID) or Oracle service name
*Server process type (shared or dedicated)
*Failover instructions
*Client load balancing instructions
*SSL encryption instructions
To use the driver with LDAP, configure the following connection options:
*LDAP Distinguished Name (LDAPDistinguishedName): Specify the fully qualified path of names in the LDAP directory information tree for the entry containing your connection information. For example:
*Host (HostName): Specify the name or IP address of the LDAP directory server.
*Port Number (PortNumber): Specify the port number listener of the LDAP directory server.
When attempting to connect, the driver retrieves connection information from the orclNetDescString attribute in the LDAP entry specified by the LDAP Distinguished Name option. The following is an example of an orclNetDescString value: