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Getting Started : Configuring and Connecting on UNIX and Linux : Test Loading the Driver

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Test Loading the Driver

The ivtestlib (32-bit drivers) and ddtestlib (64-bit drivers) test loading tools are provided to test load drivers and help diagnose configuration problems in the UNIX and Linux environments, such as environment variables not correctly set or missing database client components. This tool is installed in the /bin subdirectory in the product installation directory. It attempts to load a specified ODBC driver and prints out all available error information if the load fails.
For example, if the drivers are installed in /opt/odbc/lib, the following command attempts to load the 32-bit driver on Solaris, where xx represents the version number of the driver:
ivtestlib /opt/odbc/lib/
Note: On Solaris, AIX, and Linux, the full path to the driver does not have to be specified for the tool. The HP-UX version, however, requires the full path.
If the load is successful, the tool returns a success message along with the version string of the driver. If the driver cannot be loaded, the tool returns an error message explaining why.