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Reference : DataDirect Bulk Load : DataDirect Bulk Load Statement Attributes : SQL_BULK_EXPORT

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The ValuePtr argument to SQLSetStmtAttr or SQLSetStmtAttrW when the attribute argument is SQL_BULK_EXPORT is a pointer to a string that specifies the file name of the bulk load data file to which the data in the result set will be exported.
Result set export occurs when the SQL_BULK_EXPORT statement attribute is set. If using the SQL_BULK_EXPORT_PARAMS attribute to set values for the bulk export parameters, the SQL_BULK_EXPORT_PARAMS attribute must be set prior to setting the SQL_BULK_EXPORT attribute. Once set, the bulk export parameters remain set for the life of the statement. If the bulk export parameters are not set prior to setting the SQL_BULK_EXPORT attribute, the driver uses the current driver code page value, defaults EnableLogging to 1 (enabled), and defaults ErrorTolerance and WarningTolerance to -1 (infinite).
Both a bulk load data file and a bulk load configuration file are produced by this operation. The configuration file has the same base name as the bulk load data file, but with an XML extension. The configuration file is created in the same directory as the bulk load data file.