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Reference : DataDirect Bulk Load : DataDirect Bulk Load Statement Attributes : SQL_BULK_EXPORT_PARAMS

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The ValuePtr argument to SQLSetStmtAttr or SQLSetStmtAttrW when the attribute argument is SQL_BULK_EXPORT_PARAMS is a pointer to a BulkExportParams structure. The definitions of the fields in the BulkExportParams structure are the same as the corresponding arguments in the ExportTableToFile and ExportTableToFileW methods except that the generation of the log file is controlled by the EnableLogging field. When EnableLogging is set to 1, the driver writes events that occur during the export to a log file. Events logged to this file are:
*A message for each row that failed to export.
*Total number of rows fetched
*Total number of rows successfully exported
*Total number of rows that failed to export
The log file is located in the same directory as the bulk load data file and has the same base name as the bulk load data file with a .log extension. When EnableLogging is set to 0, no logging takes place
If the bulk export parameters are not set prior to setting the SQL_BULK_EXPORT attribute, the driver uses the current driver code page value, defaults EnableLogging to 1 (enabled), and defaults ErrorTolerance and WarningTolerance to -1 (infinite).
The SQL_BULK_EXPORT_PARAMS structure is as follows:
struct BulkExportParams {
  SQLLEN  Version;               /* Must be the value 1 */
  SQLLEN  IANAAppCodePage;
  SQLLEN  EnableLogging;
  SQLLEN  ErrorTolerance;
  SQLLEN  WarningTolerance;