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Connection Option Descriptions : PRNGSeedSource

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This information pertains to UNIX and Linux. This information pertains to macOS.
Supported on UNIX, Linux, and macOS only.


PRNGSeedSource (PSS)


Specifies the source of the seed the driver uses for SSL key generation. Seeds are a pseudorandom or random value used to set the initial state of the random number generator used to generate SSL keys. Using seeds with a higher level of entropy, or randomness, provides a more secure transmission of data encrypted using SSL.

Valid Values

0 | 1


If set to 0 (File), the driver uses entropy-source file or device specified in the PRNGSeedFile connection option as the seed used for SSL key generation.
If set to 1 (Poll Only) , the driver uses the RAND_poll function in SSL to create the seed used for SSL key generation.


*For processes that employ multiple SSL-enabled drivers, the behavior of this option for all drivers is determined by the values specified for the driver that first connects to the process and loads the OpenSSL library. Since the OpenSSL library loads only once per process, the values specified for drivers that subsequently connect are ignored. To ensure that the correct security settings are used, we recommend configuring this option identically for all drivers used in a process.
*This option is ignored when SSL is disabled (EncryptionMethod=0)


0 (File)



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