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Oracle Advanced Security
To enable support for SSL connections to Oracle, the Oracle database must be configured with the Oracle Advanced Security bundle. This is an option available from Oracle as an add-on to Oracle Enterprise Edition Servers.
The driver also supports encryption and data integrity checks through Oracle Advanced Security. Oracle Advanced Security provides the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), DES, 3DES, and RC4 symmetric cryptosystems for protecting the confidentiality of network traffic.
Encrypting network data provides data privacy so that unauthorized parties cannot view and alter clear text data as it passes over the network. Attacks on intercepted data include data modification and replay attacks.
*In a data modification attack, an unauthorized party intercepts transmitted data, alters it, and retransmits it. For example, suppose a customer order for 5 widgets for delivery to an office in San Francisco is intercepted. A data modification attack might change the quantity to 500 and the delivery address to a warehouse in Los Angeles, and then retransmit the order.
*In a replay attack, a set of valid data is retransmitted a number of times. For example, an order for 100 widgets is intercepted and then retransmitted ten times so the final order quantity equals 1,000 widgets.
Because data integrity protection operates independently from the encryption process, you can enable data integrity with or without enabling encryption.