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Getting Started : Configuring and Connecting on UNIX and Linux : Environment Configuration

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Environment Configuration

To configure the environment:
1. Check your permissions: You must log in as a user with full r/w/x permissions recursively on the entire product installation directory.
2. From your login shell, determine which shell you are running by executing:
echo $SHELL
3. Run one of the following product setup scripts from the installation directory to set variables: or odbc.csh. For Korn, Bourne, and equivalent shells, execute For a C shell, execute odbc.csh. After running the setup script, execute:
to verify that the installation_directory/lib directory has been added to your shared library path.
4. Set the ODBCINI environment variable. The variable must point to the path from the root directory to the system information file where your data source resides. The system information file can have any name, but the product is installed with a default file called odbc.ini in the product installation directory. For example, if you use an installation directory of /opt/odbc and the default system information file, from the Korn or Bourne shell, you would enter:
ODBCINI=/opt/odbc/odbc.ini; export ODBCINI
From the C shell, you would enter:
setenv ODBCINI /opt/odbc/odbc.ini