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Reference : DataDirect Bulk Load : DataDirect Bulk Load Functions

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DataDirect Bulk Load Functions

The following DataDirect functions and parameters are not part of the standard ODBC API. They include functions for returning errors and warnings on bulk operations as well as functions for bulk export, loading, and verification:
*GetBulkDiagRec and GetBulkDiagRecW
*ExportTableToFile and ExportTableToFileW
*ValidateTableFromFile and ValidateTableFromFileW
*LoadTableFromFile and LoadTableFromFileW
Note: For your application to use DataDirect Bulk Load functionality, it must obtain driver connection handles and function pointers, as follows:
1. Use SQLGetInfo with the parameter SQL_DRIVER_HDBC to obtain the driver’s connection handle from the Driver Manager.
2. Use SQLGetInfo with the parameter SQL_DRIVER_HLIB to obtain the driver’s shared library or DLL handle from the Driver Manager.
3. Obtain function pointers to the bulk load functions using the function name resolution method specific to your operating system. The bulk.c source file shipped with the drivers contains the function resolveName that illustrates how to obtain function pointers to the bulk load functions.
All of this is detailed in the code examples shown in the following sections. All of these functions can be found in the commented bulk.c source file that ships with the drivers. This file is located in the \samples\bulk subdirectory of the product installation directory along with a text file named bulk.txt. Please consult bulk.txt for instructions about the bulk.c file.