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Connection Pool Statistics

Progress DataDirect has created a connection attribute to monitor the status of the Progress DataDirect for ODBC connection pools. This attribute, which is described in the following table, allows your application to fetch statistics for the pool to which a connection belongs.
Table 9. Pool Statistics Connection Attribute
Connection Attribute
Calling SQLGetConnectAttr (SQL_ATTR_POOL_INF, SQL_GET_POOL_INFO) returns a PoolInfoStruct that contains the statistics for the connection pool to which this connection belongs. This PoolInfoStruct is defined in qesqlext.h. For example:
SQLGetConnectAttr(hdbc, SQL_ATTR_POOL_INFO, PoolInfoStruct *, SQL_LEN_BINARY_ATTR(PoolInfoStruct), &len);
This is a read-only connection attribute. The driver returns an error if SQLSetConnectAttr (SQL_ATTR_POOL_INFO) is called.