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Using the Driver : Connecting through a proxy server

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Connecting through a proxy server

This information pertains to Windows This information pertains to UNIX/Linux
Supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux only.
In some environments, your application may need to connect through an HTTP proxy, for example, if your application uses a web server or gateway system to access server clusters.
Note: Oracle Connection Manager is not currently supported using the procedure described in this section. See "Oracle Connection Manager" for more information.
To connect to a server through an HTTP proxy:
*Set the service name or SID:
*Set the Service Name (ServiceName) option to specify the Oracle service name that specifies the database used for the connection. The service name is a string that is the global database name—a name that is comprised of the database name and domain name, for example:
*Set the SID (SID) option to specify the Oracle System Identifier that refers to the instance of Oracle running on the server.
*Set the Host (HostName) option to specify the name or the IP address of the database server to which you want to connect.
*Set the Port Number (PortNumber) option to specify the port number of the database server listener.
*Set the proxy server specific options:
*Set the Proxy Mode (ProxyMode) option to 1 (HTTP).
*Set the Proxy Host (ProxyHost) option to specify the Hostname and, if required by your environment, the Domain, of the proxy server. The value specified can be a host name, a fully qualified domain name, or an IPv4 or IPv6 address.
*Set the Proxy Port (ProxyPort) option to specify the port number where the proxy server is listening for HTTP requests. The default is 0.
*Optionally, set the Proxy User (ProxyUser) option to specify the user name used to connect to the Proxy Server.
*Optionally, set Proxy Password (ProxyPassword) to specified the password needed to connect to the proxy server.
The following examples demonstrate a basic connection to a proxy server.
Using a connection string:
DRIVER=DataDirect 8.0 Oracle Wire Protocol;HostName=;
Using the odbc.ini file with a 32-bit driver:
Description=DataDirect Oracle Wire Protocol driver
* Oracle Connection Manager