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Connection Option Descriptions : Bulk Options

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Bulk Options

This information pertains to Windows This information pertains to UNIX/Linux
Supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux only.


BulkLoadOptions (BLO)


Toggles options for the bulk load process.
This option only applies to connections to Oracle 11g R2 and higher database servers.

Valid Values

0 | x
is a positive integer representing the cumulative total of the Bulk Options values.


If set to 0, none of the options for bulk load are enabled.
If set to x, the values represented by x are enabled.
Currently, the only bulk load option available is:
No Index Errors - The driver stops a bulk load operation when a value that would cause an index to be invalidated is loaded. For example, if a value is loaded that violates a unique or non-null constraint, the driver stops the bulk load operation and discards all data being loaded, including any data that was loaded prior to the problem value. If not enabled, the bulk load operation continues even if a value that would cause an index to be invalidated is loaded. Value=128.


*The cumulative value of the options is only used in a connection string with the connection string attribute, BulkLoadOptions. On the Bulk tab of the driver Setup dialog, the individual options are enabled by selecting the appropriate check box.


0 (disabled)


Bulk tab