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Connection Option Descriptions : Authentication Method

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Authentication Method


AuthenticationMethod (AM)


Specifies the method the driver uses to authenticate the user to the server when a connection is established. If the specified authentication method is not supported by the database server, the connection fails and the driver generates an error.

Valid Values

1 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 11 | 12 | 14


If set to 1 (Encrypt Password), the driver sends the user ID in clear text and an encrypted password to the server for authentication.
If set to 3 (Client Authentication), the driver uses client authentication when establishing a connection. The database server relies on the client to authenticate the user and does not provide additional authentication.
If set to 4 (Kerberos Authentication), the driver uses Kerberos authentication. This method supports both Windows Active Directory Kerberos and MIT Kerberos environments.
When set to 5 (Kerberos with UID & PWD), the driver uses both Kerberos authentication and user ID and password authentication. The driver first authenticates the user using Kerberos. If a user ID and password are specified, the driver reauthenticates using the user name and password supplied. An error is generated if a user ID and password are not specified.
If set to 6 (NTLM), the driver uses NTLMv1 authentication for Windows clients.
If set to 11 (SSL), the driver uses SSL certificate information to authenticate the client with the server when using Oracle Wallet. The User Name and Password options should not be specified. See "Oracle Wallet SSL Authentication" for additional requirements.
If set to 12 (SSL with UID & Password), the driver uses user ID, password and SSL authentication to connect with the server when using Oracle Wallet. See "Oracle Wallet SSL Authentication" for additional requirements.
If set to 14 (Wallet UID & PWD), the driver authenticates to the server using a user ID and password retrieved from Oracle Wallet. See "Oracle Wallet Password Store" for additional requirements.


*When AuthenticationMethod is set to 14 (Wallet UID & PWD), specifying values for the User Name (LogonID) or Password (Password) options returns a warning and the values are ignored.


1 (Encrypt Password)

GUI tab

Security tab

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