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Getting Started : Configuring and Connecting on macOS : Testing the Connection

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Testing the Connection

Note: Some earlier versions of the iODBC Administrator do not support testing 64-bit drivers. If you experience an issue, you can still test the connection by using the example application installed in the product installation directory. See "The example Application" for more information.
To test the connection:
1. After you have configured the data source, on the iODBC Data Source Administrator dialog, highlight your data source from the list; then, click Test. A logon dialog box appears.
2. Supply the requested information in the logon dialog box and click OK. Note that the information you enter in the logon dialog box during a test connect is not saved.
*If the driver can connect, it releases the connection and displays a Connection Established message. Click OK.
*If the driver cannot connect because of an incorrect environment or connection value, it displays an appropriate error message. Click OK.
3. On the driver iODBC Data Source Administrator, click OK. The values you have specified are saved and are the defaults used when you connect to the data source. You can change these defaults by using the previously described procedure to modify your data source. You can override these defaults by connecting to the data source using a connection string with alternate values.