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Using the Driver : Using Bulk Load for Batch Inserts : Limitations

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The driver supports native parameter arrays in Oracle 9i and higher databases with the following limitations:
*A bulk operation is not allowed in a manual transaction if it is not the first event.
*Bulk inserts into views are not allowed.
*Once a bulk operation is started, any non-bulk operation is disallowed until the transaction is committed.
*The Oracle Wire Protocol driver currently does not support the use of BLOB, CLOB, LONG, LONG RAW, and XMLType data types when using bulk load for parameter array batch.
*Because of Oracle limitations, issuing a SELECT statement to determine a row count may return different results before and after a bulk load operation.
*Oracle does not support literal values in a bulk load operation. You must use parameter markers for all columns being loaded.
*INSERT INTO SELECT statements are not supported.