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About the Oracle Wire Protocol Driver : Support for Multiple Environments : Support for Windows Environments : 64-Bit Driver Requirements for Windows

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64-Bit Driver Requirements for Windows
*All required network software that is supplied by your database system vendors must be 64-bit compliant.
*The following processors are supported:
*The following operating systems are supported for your 64-bit driver. All editions are supported unless otherwise noted.
*Windows Server 2016
*Windows Server 2012
*Windows Server 2008
*Windows 10
*Windows 8.1
*Windows 7
*An application that is compatible with components that were built using Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 14.00.40310.41 and the standard Windows 64 threading model.
*You must have ODBC header files to compile your application. For example, Microsoft Visual Studio includes these files.