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Troubleshooting : Troubleshooting Statement Pooling

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Troubleshooting Statement Pooling

Similar to connection pooling, statement pooling provides performance gains for applications that execute the same SQL statements multiple times in the life of the application. The DataDirect Statement Pool Monitor provides the following functionality to help you troubleshoot problems that may occur with statement pooling:
*You can generate a statement pool export file that shows you all statements in the statement pool. Each statement pool entry in the file includes information about statement characteristics such as the SQL text used to generate the statement, statement type, result set type, and result set concurrency type.
*You can use the following methods of the ExtStatementPoolMonitorMBean interface to return useful information to determine if your workload is using the statement pool effectively:
*The getHitCount() method returns the hit count for the statement pool. The hit count should be high for good performance.
*The getMissCount() method returns the miss count for the statement pool. The miss count should be low for good performance.
* Generating an Export File with the exportStatement Method
* Statement Pool Export File Example