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Getting Started : Connecting with the JDBC Driver Manager : Testing the Connection

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Testing the Connection

You can use DataDirect Test to verify your connection.
To test the Driver Manager connection, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the installation directory. The default location is:
*Windows systems: Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\JDBC_60\testforjdbc
*UNIX and Linux systems: /opt/Progress/DataDirect/JDBC_60/testforjdbc 
For UNIX/Linux, if you do not have access to /opt, your home directory will be used in its place.
2. From the testforjdbc folder, run the platform-specific tool:
*testforjdbc.bat (on Windows systems)
* (on UNIX and Linux systems)
The Test for JDBC Tool window appears:
Test for JDBC Tool landing page
3. Click Press Here to Continue.
The main dialog appears:
Test for JDBC Tool window
4. From the menu bar, select Connection > Connect to DB.
The Select A Database dialog appears:
The Select a Database dialog box
5. Select the appropriate database template from the Defined Databases field.
6. In the Database field, specify the correct ServerName and PortNumber for your Apache Spark SQL data source.
For example:
7. If required, enter your user name and password in the fields provided.
8. Click Connect.
If the connection is successful, the JDBC/Database Output window reports that a connection has been established. (If a connection is not established, the window reports an error.)
Connection window