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SQL Escape Sequences for JDBC

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SQL Escape Sequences for JDBC

Language features, such as outer joins and scalar function calls, are commonly implemented by database systems. The syntax for these features is often database-specific, even when a standard syntax has been defined. JDBC defines escape sequences that contain the standard syntax for the following language features:
*Date, time, and timestamp literals
*Scalar functions such as numeric, string, and data type conversion functions
*Outer joins
*Escape characters for wildcards used in LIKE clauses
*Procedure calls
The escape sequence used by JDBC is:
The escape sequence is recognized and parsed by the drivers, which replaces the escape sequences with data store-specific grammar.
* Date, time, and timestamp escape sequences
* Scalar Functions
* Outer Join Escape Sequences
* LIKE escape character sequence for wildcards
* Procedure Call Escape Sequences