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JDBC Extensions

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JDBC Extensions

This section describes the JDBC extensions provided by the com.ddtek.jdbc.extensions package. Some extensions apply to select drivers. In some cases, the functionality described may not apply to the driver or data store you are using. The interfaces in the com.ddtek.jdbc.extensions are:
The methods in this interface are used with the drivers for Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Salesforce to extend the standard JDBC metadata results returned by the DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() method to include an additional column.
Methods that allow your application to perform bulk load operations.
Methods that allow you to perform the following actions:
*Store and return client information.
*Switch the user associated with a connection to another user to minimize the number of connections that are required in a connection pool.
*Access the DataDirect Statement Pool Monitor from a connection.
Methods that allow your application to return client information parameters.
Methods that allow you to determine if DataDirect Spy logging is enabled and turning on and off DataDirect Spy logging if enabled.
* Using JDBC Wrapper Methods to Access JDBC Extensions
* DatabaseMetaData interface
* DDBulkLoad Interface
* ExtConnection Interface
* ExtDatabaseMetaData Interface
* ExtLogControl class