Progress(R) DataDirect(R)
     Progress(R) DataDirect(R) for JDBC(TM) for Amazon Redshift(TM) Driver
     Release 5.1.4
     January 2019

Copyright (C) 1994-2019 Progress Software Corporation and/or its 
subsidiaries or affiliates. All Rights Reserved. 


Installation Directory
Changes since Service Pack 4
Changes for Service Pack 4
Notes, Known Problems, and Restrictions
Installed Files


Java SE 5 or higher must be installed and the JVM must be defined on your system

     Installation Directory

The default installation directory for the driver is:

* Windows:
  C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\JDBC_51

* UNIX/Linux:
  Note: For UNIX/Linux, if you do not have access to "/opt", your user's
  directory will take the place of this directory.

     Changes since Service Pack 4

* The driver has been certified with Oracle JDK 11
  Driver version (F000258.U000115) 

* The driver has been certified with OpenJDK 11
  Driver version (F000258.U000115) 

* The driver has been certified with OpenJDK 8 on Windows and Linux
  Driver version (F000258.U000115)
Statement Pooling
The driver no longer registers the Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean by
default. To register the Statement Pool Monitor and manage statement pooling with
standard JMX API calls, the new RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean connection
property must be set to true. See "Notes, Known Problems, and Restrictions" for

     Changes for Service Pack 4

BatchMechanism Connection Property
The BatchMechanism connection property has been added to the driver. By setting
BatchMechanism to MultiRowInsert, you enable the driver to use a parameterized
multi-row insert statement to execute batch inserts. MultiRowInsert is the
default setting and provides substantial performance gains when performing batch

CryptoProtocolVersion Connection Property
To avoid vulnerabilities associated with SSLv3 and SSLv2, including the POODLE
vulnerability, CryptoProtocolVersion can be used with the driver.

Result Set Holdability
Support for result set holdability has been added to the driver.


The driver supports standard SQL query language to select, insert, update and
delete data from Amazon Redshift data warehouses. By using DataDirect's Wire
Protocol technology, the driver eliminates the need for client libraries,
improving response time and throughput. In addition, the driver supports a set
of advanced features that includes DataDirect Connection Pooling, data
encryption, and connection failover.
* The driver supports the Amazon Redshift API, version 2012-12-01 and later.

* The driver supports JDBC Core functionality. 

* The driver supports the core SQL-92 grammar.

* The driver supports DataDirect Connection Pooling.

* The driver supports advanced security features, including SSL data encryption.

* The driver supports configurable connection failover protection.

* The driver supports the following data types:
  - Bigint			maps to BIGINT
  - Boolean			maps to BOOLEAN
  - Character			maps to CHAR
  - Character Varying 		maps to VARCHAR
  - Date			maps to DATE
  - Double Precision		maps to DOUBLE
  - Integer			maps to INTEGER
  - Numeric			maps to NUMERIC
  - Real			maps to REAL
  - Smallint			maps to SMALLINT
  - Timestamp			maps to TIMESTAMP

	Notes, Known Problems, and Restrictions

The following are notes, known problems, and restrictions with the driver.

RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean Connection Property
The RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean connection property registers the
Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean when statement pooling has been enabled
with MaxPooledStatements. This allows you to manage statement pooling with
standard JMX API calls and to use JMX-compliant tools, such as JConsole.
- Valid values are true | false
- If set to true, the driver registers an MBean for the statement pool monitor
  for each statement pool. This gives applications access to the Statement
  Pool Monitor through JMX when statement pooling is enabled.
- If set to false, the driver does not register an MBean for the Statement Pool
  Monitor for any statement pool.
- Registering the MBean exports a reference to the Statement Pool Monitor. The
  exported reference can prevent garbage collection on connections if the
  connections are not properly closed. When garbage collection does not take
  place on these connections, out of memory errors can occur.
- The default is false.
- The data type is boolean.

Using SSL
When trying to connect to a database using SSL encryption, you may receive an
error message similar to: "PRNG not seeded". This is because certain versions
of some operating systems do not generate truly random numbers necessary for
encryption. For more information about this error and available patches,
please refer to the Web site:

Using Bulk Load
For bulk load users: If the driver throws the error "The specified connection
object is not valid for creation of a bulk load object" while you are
attempting to use the DataDirect Bulk Load API, ensure that redshift.jar is
listed before any other DataDirect drivers on your classpath.

Executing DataDirect Shell Script
For UNIX users: If you receive an error message when executing any DataDirect
for JDBC shell script, make sure that the file has EXECUTE permission. To do
this, use the chmod command. For example, to grant EXECUTE permission to the file, change to the directory containing and
enter: chmod +x

Performance Tuning Wizard
The Performance Tuning Wizard is not available with the MongoDB driver. For
information on tuning the driver for performance, see "Performance
Considerations" in the USER'S GUIDE.

JDBC Methods
The following notes on JDBC methods apply generally to Progress DataDirect for
JDBC drivers. Additional information on driver support for the JDBC API can be
found in the "JDBC Support" section of the product USER'S GUIDE.

* The driver allows PreparedStatement.setXXX methods and ResultSet.getXXX
  methods on Clob data types, in addition to the functionality described in
  the JDBC specification. The supported conversions typically are the same as
  those for LONGVARCHAR, except where limited by database support.

* When attempting to create an updatable, scroll-sensitive result set for a
  query that contains an expression as one of the columns, the driver cannot
  satisfy the scroll-sensitive request. The driver downgrades the type of the
  result returned to scroll-insensitive.

* The ResultSet methods getTimestamp(), getDate(), and getTime() return
  references to mutable objects. If the object reference returned from any of
  these methods is modified, re-fetching the column using the same method
  returns the modified value. The value is only modified in memory; the
  database value is not modified.

Help System Compatibility
Internet Explorer with the Google Toolbar installed sometimes displays the
following error when the browser is closed: "An error has occurred in the
script on this page." This is a known issue with the Google Toolbar and has
been reported to Google. When closing the driver's help system, this error may


The USER'S GUIDE is provided in PDF and HTML versions.

* The PDF version is available on the Progress DataDirect Web site. You can view
  this version using Adobe Reader. (To download Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe
  Web site at

* The HTML version of the guide is installed in the RedshiftHelp subdirectory of
  your product installation directory.

     Installed Files

When you extract the contents of the installation download package to your
installer directory, you will notice the following files that are required to
install the driver:

*  Windows:

*  Non-Windows:

When you install the driver, the installer creates the following directories and
files in the product installation directory in the default installation
directory or in an installation directory you specify, represented by

LicenseTool.jar            Product license file manager

DDProcInfo.exe             Windows executable to start the Processor Information

DDProcInfo                 UNIX/Linux script to start the Processor Information

Load From File/
                           Java source example for bulk loading from a CSV file

Load From File/load.txt    Sample data for the example

                           Java source example for bulk loading from a result

Threaded Streaming/
                           Java source example for multi-threaded bulk loading
                           from a result set

Threaded Streaming/README.txt
                           Instructions on how to use the file

Threaded Streaming/
                           Properties file for the example

ConnectorSample.ear        J2EE Application Enterprise Archive file containing
                           the ConnectorSample application 


graphics/*.*               Images referenced by the USING DATADIRECT CONNECT FOR
                           JDBC RESOURCE ADAPTERS document

src/ConnectorSample.jsp    Source for the JavaServer Page used to access the
                           ConnectorSample application

                           Java source file defining the remote interface for
                           the ConnectorSample EJB

                           Java source file defining the home interface for the
                           ConnectorSample EJB

                           Java source file containing the implementation for
                           the ConnectorSample EJB

                           Example Java(TM) source file     Example Java source file

buildsamples.bat           Batch file to build the Salesforce example            Shell script to build the Salesforce example       Logging properties file

                           Batch file to run the Salesforce example
                           Shell script to run the Salesforce example

                           Java example class

                           Java example class

                           Java source example

RedshiftHelp/index.html    Driver HTML help system entry file

RedshiftHelp/*             Support files and folders for the driver help system

.psc_dd_inst_reg.xml       Support file for the installation logs

logs/*.*                   Log file generated upon installation

*.*                        Files associated with the Amazon Redshift driver

redshift.jar               Amazon Redshift Driver and DataSource Classes

JDBC for Amazon Redshift v5.1.4 notices.txt
                           Third party agreement information

INSTALL_DIR/pool manager/:
pool.jar                   All DataDirect Connection Pool Manager 

JDBC for Amazon Redshift v5.1.4 readme.txt
                           This file

Config.txt                 Configuration file for DataDirect Test       Logging properties file

testforjdbc.bat            Batch file to start DataDirect Test             Shell script to start DataDirect Test

lib/testforjdbc.jar        DataDirect Test classes

.com.zerog.registry.xml    Support file for the uninstaller

.psc_dd_uninst_reg.xml     Support file for the uninstaller

InstallScript.iap_xml      Support file for the uninstaller
                           Support file for the Windows uninstaller

                           Windows uninstaller

                           Support file for the Windows uninstaller

uninstaller.jar            Java uninstaller

resource/*.*               Resource files for the Windows uninstaller

11 January 2019