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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : WorkAround options : Using the WorkAround options

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Using the WorkAround options

To use these options, we recommend that you create a separate user data source for each application.
You can make the change by updating the Registry. After you create the data source,
*On Windows, using the registry editor REGEDIT, open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI section of the registry. Select the data source that you created.
*On UNIX/Linux, using a text editor, open the odbc.ini file to edit the data source that you created.
Add the string WorkArounds= (or WorkArounds2=) with a value of n (WorkArounds=n or WorkArounds2=n), where the value n is the cumulative value of all options added together. For example, if you wanted to use both WorkArounds=1 and WorkArounds=8, you would enter in the data source:
Warning: Each of these options has potential side effects related to its use. An option should only be used to address the specific problem for which it was designed. For example, WorkArounds=2 causes the driver to report that database qualifiers are not supported, even when they are. As a result, applications that use qualifiers may not perform correctly when this option is enabled.