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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline for JDBC : Supported Features : Using IP addresses

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Using IP addresses

The driver supports Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in IPv4 and IPv6 format. To connect to IPv6 addresses, the client or application server requires J2SE 5.0 or higher.
If your network supports named servers, the server name specified in the connection URL or data source can resolve to an IPv4 or IPv6 address. For example, the server name HybridServer in the following URL can resolve to either type of address:
Alternatively, you can specify addresses using IPv4 or IPv6 format in the server name portion of the connection URL. For example, the following connection URL specifies the server using IPv4 format:
You also can specify addresses in either format using the ServerName data source property. The following example shows a data source definition that specifies the server name using IPv6 format:
hybridDataPipelineDataSource=mydatasource; encryptionMethod=noEncryption;
Note: When specifying IPv6 addresses in a connection URL or data source property, the address must be enclosed by brackets.
In addition to the normal IPv6 format, the drivers support IPv6 alternative formats for compressed and IPv4/IPv6 combination addresses. For example, the following connection URL specifies the server using IPv6 format, but uses the compressed syntax for strings of zero bits:
Similarly, the following connection URL specifies the server using a combination of IPv4 and IPv6:
hybridDataPipelineDataSource=mydatasource; encryptionMethod=noEncryption;user=myusername;
For complete information about IPv6, go to the following URL: