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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : User provisioning : Provisioning users with the Web UI : Update roles

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Update roles
Take the following steps to update a role through the Web UI.
1. Navigate to the Manage Roles view by clicking the manage roles icon .
2. Select the role you want to update.
3. Click the Actions dropdown. Then select Edit.
4. Update the role as desired.
*Tenant. The tenant field displays the tenant to which the role belongs. However, you may not select another tenant in order to transfer the role. A distinct role must be created for the other tenant.
*Role Name. You may enter a new name for the role.
*Role Description. You may enter a new description for the role.
*Permissions. You may modify the permissions associated with the role. See Permissions and default roles for details.
5. Click Save.
The role has been updated. The permissions for the users to whom the role was assigned are modified accordingly.