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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Administrators API : System Configurations API : Update Configuration for given ID

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Update Configuration for given ID


Updates a system configuration setting.





URL Parameters

<myserver> is the hostname or IP address of the machine hosting the Hybrid Data Pipeline server for a standalone installation, or the machine hosting the load balancer for a load balancer installation. For a standalone installation, <port> is the port number specified as the Server Access Port during installation. For a load balancer installation, <port> must be either 80 for http or 443 for https. Whenever port 80 or 443 are used, it is not necessary to include the port number in the URL.
The URL parameter "id" described in the following table is required.
Valid Values
The ID of the configurations attribute being returned.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
1 is the ID for setting the delimiter for an authentication service.
2 is the ID for secureChangePassword.
3 is the ID for setting the default OData version for new data sources.
4 is the ID for setting the default entity name mode for OData V4 data sources.
5 is the ID for enabling or disabling third party JDBC data store plugin feature.
6 is the ID for enabling or disabling the default Password Policy.
7 is the ID to configure how the system persists system monitor details.
8 is the ID to configure the IP whitelist filtering feature.

Request Payload Definition

The request takes the following format. The request includes the property described in the table that follows.
"value": attribute_value
Valid Values
The value of the configurations attribute.
Valid values vary depending on the attribute.
For an authentication delimiter (1), a string can be specified. It is recommended to set a single character that is not generally used in a service name. (for example, ":" or "|"). By default, the value is null.
For secureChangePassword (2), true is specified to require the user to specify a current password as well as a new password. False is specified to require only a new password.
For default OData version for new data sources (3), valid values are 2 or 4.
For default entity mode for OData V4 sources (4), valid values are: GUESS, PLURALIZE, SINGULARIZE and SUFFIX".
For Enable JDBC data store (5), valid values are true and false. When value is set to true, JDBC data store will be enabled.
For default password policy (6), valid values are: 1 or -1. Value of 1 enforces that the password be in compliant with the default password policy. A value of -1 turns off the Password Policy enforcement. Note that any other value will be treated as -1.
For System monitor details persistance (7), valid values are: 0 - no persistence, 1 - log, 2 - database, 3 - log and database. By default, the values is 1.
For IP whitelist filtering (8), valid values are "true" and "false". By default, the value is "true".

Sample Request Payload

The following PUT operation sets the external authentication delimiter to the bar symbol (|).
"value": "|"

Sample Server Failure Response

"error": {
"code": 222206007,
"message": {
"lang": "en-US",
"value": "Invalid user ID or password."


Basic Authentication using Login ID and Password.


The user must have the Administrator (12) or the Configurations (22) permission.