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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline for JDBC : Troubleshooting : Troubleshooting an application by logging

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Troubleshooting an application by logging

The driver provides flexible and comprehensive logging through Java logging. You can incorporate the driver logging with application logging or enable and configure it independently from an application. Logging can be instrumental in investigating and diagnosing issues. It also provides valuable insight into the type and number of operations requested by the application from the Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for JDBC and requested by the driver from the Data Source. Such information can help you tune and optimize your application.
The JVM Java Logging API allows applications or components to define one or more named loggers. The Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for JDBC supports use of this logging API for messages that pertain to the Driver.
Each logger used by the driver can be configured independently. The configuration for a logger includes what level of log messages are written, the location to which they are written, and the format of the log message.
* Configuring logging