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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Data source logging : The data source activity log

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The data source activity log

The data source activity log records user activity against data sources. The data source activity log is written to the following directory where install_dir is the Hybrid Data Pipeline installation directory.
When running the server on multiple nodes behind a load balancer, a data source activity log is created for each instance of the service. In this scenario, multiple logs may need to be reviewed to identify errors, since the operation in question may have been handled by any one of the nodes.
The name of the data source activity log takes the following format.
For example:
Note: For data sources using an On-Premises Connector, a corresponding data source activity log is generated on the machine hosting the connector. The name of the connector log file has the same format as the server log file. The connector data source activity log may be found in the following directory.
The following sample shows that every entry in the data source activity log file starts out with the same standard information.
08-Sep-2017 07:11:54.493 CONFIG [http-bio-8080-exec-12] []
[salesforce][d2c_salesforce_odatav4][aYDHNkfB6Fd4mCk3].[execute] [success=true][ms=82
The following table can be used to parse the information contained in the data source activity log.
Table 1. Data source activity log elements
08-Sep-2017 07:11:54.493
UTC date time value for when the logging event was written.
Log Level
The Java logging level associated with the event.
Thread Name
The name of the thread that logged the event.
User Name
The name of the user.
Data Source Name
The name of the data source.
Session Token
The session identifier assigned to the user.
Operation Context
The operational context in which the event occurred. If a Tomcat servlet thread, this will identify the command. Other types of operations include: login, logout, upload, clear, and continue. A worker value indicates the operation is being done asynchronously in a worker thread. This is only done as part of an execute request.
success=true ms=82
The rest of the line (or lines) will be the actual log message. Most messages are just key value pairs. Most messages include a success flag. When the flag is false, an error event message will usually proceed the message. The ms key gives the duration of the operation in milliseconds.