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Querying with OData Version 4 : Structure requests for OData Version 4 : Service URI and resource path in Hybrid Data Pipeline

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Service URI and resource path in Hybrid Data Pipeline

The service root and resource path of a request define the location of the Hybrid Data Pipeline service and the name of the OData-enabled data source definition (case insensitive).The OData tab of your data source definition provides this value in the OData Access URI field.
In the URL examples in this table,
<myserver> is the DNS name of the machine on which the Hybrid Data Pipeline server is installed.
<myds> is the name of your Hybrid Data Pipeline data source.
A request with just the Service URI and resource path returns a list of available entities in the form of the service document, the $metadata parameter returns metadata on those entities, and an address that includes the plural entity name and a primary key value returns a single entity, as shown in the following table. For additional information, see Requesting service metadata and the service document.
Response contains:
The names of all entities in the schema
Example: https://mustng02:8443/api/odata4/myds/
The names, properties, data types, and relationships for all entities in the schema
Example: https://mustng02:8443/api/odata4/myds/$metadata
A single entity
Example: https://mustng02:8443/api/odata4/myds/ACCOUNTS('123')
A single entity from a particular data source in a data source group
Example: https://mustng02:8443/api/odata4/myds/east_ACCOUNTS('123')