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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Application considerations : Retrieving data type information

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Retrieving data type information

At times, you might need to get information about the data types that are supported by the cloud data store, for example, precision and scale. You can use the ODBC function SQLGetTypeInfo to do this.
On Windows, you can use ODBC Test to call SQLGetTypeInfo against the ODBC data source to return the data type information. See Troubleshooting for details about ODBC Test.
On UNIX, Linux, or Windows, an application can call SQLGetTypeInfo. Here is an example of a C function that calls SQLGetTypeInfo and retrieves the information in the form of a SQL result set.
void ODBC_GetTypeInfo(SQLHANDLE hstmt, SQLSMALLINT dataType)
    RETCODE rc;
// There are 19 columns returned by SQLGetTypeInfo.
// This example displays the first 3.
// Check the ODBC 3.x specification for more information.

// Variables to hold the data from each column
    char             typeName[30];
    short            sqlDataType;
    SQLINTEGER       columnSize;
    SQLLEN           strlenTypeName,
    rc = SQLGetTypeInfo(hstmt, dataType);
    if (rc == SQL_SUCCESS) {

// Bind the columns returned by the SQLGetTypeInfo result set.
        rc = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 1, SQL_C_CHAR, &typeName,
              sizeof(typeName), &strlenTypeName);
        rc = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 2, SQL_C_SHORT, &sqlDataType,
              sizeof(sqlDataType), &strlenSqlDataType);
        rc = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 3, SQL_C_LONG, &columnSize,
              sizeof(columnSize), &strlenColumnSize);

// Print column headings
         printf ("TypeName      DataType          ColumnSize\n");
         printf ("-------------------- ---------- ----------\n");
        do {
// Fetch the results from executing SQLGetTypeInfo
            rc = SQLFetch(hstmt);
            if (rc == SQL_ERROR) {
// Procedure to retrieve errors from the SQLGetTypeInfo function
                ODBC_GetDiagRec(SQL_HANDLE_STMT, hstmt);

// Print the results
         if ((rc == SQL_SUCCESS) || (rc == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)) {
printf ("%-30s %10i %10u\n", typeName, sqlDataType, columnSize);

        } while (rc != SQL_NO_DATA);