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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : User provisioning : Providing direct access to Hybrid Data Pipeline : Providing direct access with the Web UI : Assigning roles : Removing the Administrator role for a single user

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Removing the Administrator role for a single user
You can remove the administrator roles that have been assigned for a single user or for multiple users at a time. To remove the administrator role for a single user, follow the given steps:
1. If it is not already open, click Manage Users in the navigation panel on the left to open the Manage Users view.
2. Select the Assign Roles icon HDP_Assign_RolesIcon in the Actions column of the row that contains the user whose role you want to remove.
The Assign Roles dialog appears, displaying the role(s) that were assigned to the user when the user was created.
3. Unselect theAdministrator role to remove the Administrator role.
4. Click SAVE.
The Manage Users view displays the assigned roles in the Role column as User.