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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : Connector API : Remove an On-Premises Connector

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Remove an On-Premises Connector
DEPRECATED. Providing a body with the DELETE method is not forbidden by the HTTP specifications. However, many HTTP libraries either do not allow DELETE requests or do not work correctly when a body is specified in a DELETE request.
WORKAROUND: Either the Replace the List of On-Premises Connectors endpoint or the Update Connector Information endpoint can be used to remove members from a group.


Remove an On-Premises Connector from an On-Premises Connector Group. Optionally, you can also delete the group's Connector ID.
To delete one or more connectors from a connector group, issue a PUT request to the /connectors/<connector-ID>/members endpoint, and remove the connectors to be deleted from the members array in the request payload.
The authorized user must be the owner of the On-Premises Connector specified.
Note: You cannot remove all On-Premises Connectors in an On-Premise Connector group. To delete the group, use the Delete Group API.





URL Parameters

<myserver> is the hostname or IP address of the machine hosting the Hybrid Data Pipeline server for a standalone installation, or the machine hosting the load balancer for a load balancer installation. For a standalone installation, <port> is the port number specified as the Server Access Port during installation. For a load balancer installation, <port> must be either 80 for http or 443 for https. Whenever port 80 or 443 are used, it is not necessary to include the port number in the URL.
<connector-ID> is a unique value associated with the group On-Premises Connector. The value is returned using the <base>/connectors/ GET request. The authorized user must be the owner of the group On-Premises Connector specified.

Request Payload Parameters

The request payload specifies the list of Hybrid Data Pipeline users to remove from the On-Premise Connector group. The request has the following format:
Data Type
Valid Values
members [memberID ]
Array [String]
Specifies the connector ID of each On-Premises Connector in the group.
memberID is the Connector ID of the On-Premises Connector. It must not be the Connector ID of an On-Premises Connector Group. Nested groups are not supported.

Sample Server Request

"member": [

Response Definition

If the Remove On-Premises Connectors operation requested is successful, the response is a JSON object defined as

If the Remove On-Premises Connectors operation is not successful, the response is a standard error response.


Basic Authentication using Login ID and Password.


Only the owner of the On-Premises Connector can remove member On-Premises Connectors from the On-Premises Connector Group.