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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline to authorize client applications using OAuth 2.0 : Register client application

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Register client application

To support OAuth 2.0 authentication, you must register your application with Hybrid Data Pipeline. With the Client Application Registration API, you can register a client application with Hybrid Data Pipeline to generate a client ID and client secret. The client ID and client secret can then be used to generate tokens that enable applications to authenticate against Hybrid Data Pipeline with OAuth 2.0.
You must provide the following details while registering your application:
*Application Name
*Application description
*Redirect URLs: This is a user defined list of authorized URLs and can include one or more valid URLs. These URLs instruct Hybrid Data Pipeline where to provide the access token and refresh token to the application. These are the URLs that the application should redirect to, on successful authorization. You can enter multiple URLs, separated by commas.
When the request is executed, a client ID and a client secret are generated. The Client ID is a publicly exposed string that is used by the Hybrid Data Pipeline Service API to identify the application, and is also used to build authorization URLs that are presented to users. The Client Secret is used to authenticate the identity of the application to the service API when the application requests access to a user's account, and must be kept private between the application and the API.