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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : User provisioning : Provisioning users with Hybrid Data Pipeline APIs

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Provisioning users with Hybrid Data Pipeline APIs

Administrators can use Hybrid Data Pipeline APIs to provision users for direct access to Hybrid Data Pipeline. The Users API can be used to provision and manage Hybrid Data Pipeline user accounts. The Roles API can be used to create, view, modify, and delete roles, and, more generally, manage roles and the users associated with them.
The following topics detail API operations for provisioning users in a number of scenarios. (See also the Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference.)
* Providing direct access
* Providing query-only access by sharing a data source
* Providing query-only access by creating data sources on behalf of users
* Providing limited direct access to data sources and features
* Providing query access to an ODBC data source and limited access to the Web UI