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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Administrators API : Users API : Create a user account : permissions Object

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permissions Object


Describes the permissions on the user account in terms of roles and explicitly granted permissions. The permissions on a user account are the sum of the permissions granted to the any user roles associated with the user account and permissions granted explicitly to the user account.


"roles": [integer, integer, ...],
"permissions": [integer, integer, ...]
Valid Values
A role or list of roles associated with the user account. A user account must have at least one assigned role, and may only be assigned roles from its tenant.
The ID of the role assigned to the user account, or a comma-separated list of role IDs assigned to the user account.
A permission or list of permissions granted explicitly on the user account, in addition to those based on assigned roles.
The ID of the permission granted, or a comma-separated list of permissions granted, to the user account.